Espresso Brand

All-in-one platform for corporate expense management

A comprehensive solution for your company to centralize expense management, eliminate fraud, and bring more security and control to your process.

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Espresso, corporate expense management platform and app

Corporate Card

Issue cards for travel expenses, subscriptions, operational costs, and other corporate expenditures. Set intelligent limits, integrate with spending policies, automate entire expense reporting, and much more.

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Advance and Reimbursement

Eliminate manual work by automating processes related to expenses, payments, and reimbursements. Monitor in real-time and generate comprehensive expense reports.

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Recurring Expenses

Use the Espresso Card to pay for software, infrastructure, and advertising subscription expenses; ensure tax documentation and simplify budget control. Gain an overview of costs for all teams on a single platform.

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One platform, multiple solutions for you.

IA Barista,  artificial intelligence

Our artificial intelligence eliminates the need for manually verifying processes and invoices, eradicates fraud, and efficiently automates workflows.

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Robot that symbolizes artificial intelligence

A super app that simplifies your routine

More autonomy for your employee in expense reporting.

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Be more strategic and less operational

Automate your entire corporate expense management, reduce manual work with the help of artificial intelligence, export custom reports, and gain insights to cut costs. Free up time to focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

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Built for multinational operations

The Espresso Card features an International Mastercard brand, accepted at numerous establishments worldwide. This enables the recording of expenses in multiple currencies and the automatic calculation of tax conversion.

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 Espresso Corporate Card
Expense management platform

A robust platform, whether for small operations or large enterprises

No matter the segment of your business, Espresso is a comprehensive solution to manage your expenses
end-to-end. We have security certifications, dedicated support, and experts to assist in the success and growth of your company.

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